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    How I Dress My Bump | Summer 2019

    June 27, 2019

    If there’s one thing that pregnancy has taught me, it’s that you grow quickly. I was only four weeks and one day along when I got my big fat positive (or BFP, as some like to call it), but it didn’t take me long to feel restricted and uncomfortable in my existing wardrobe. In fact,…

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    How to Create a Space You Love (Even While You’re Renting)

    June 18, 2019

    The year is 2019 and it’s time to clear the air: there is decidedly nothing wrong with renting. That’s right — despite the gripes and groans of those Boomer / early Gen-X relatives of yours (you know who you are!), renting is a perfectly normal way of finding a space of your own without committing…

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    Style Staples | Fall 2018

    October 30, 2018

    Although it felt like it took much longer to arrive this year, fall is finally in full swing. With temperatures still ranging anywhere between 50 and 70 degrees in a given week, though, many of us are still struggling to strike the right balance between wearing transitional layers and straight-up sweaters. With that in mind,…

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    Stores With the Best Student Discounts

    December 3, 2017

    As a recent college graduate, I can easily recall how painful it was to live off of a tight, part-time retail job-fueled budget. Between paying bills, stashing away a negligible amount of money into savings, and paying off our wedding, I was wrung dry. Somehow, that did not seem to stop me from treating myself…

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