About Dezi Donaldson

Born and raised in Lancaster, PA, Dezi often jokes she is as authentically Lancastrian as one can be without being Amish. For as long as she can remember, Dezi has had a passion for expressing herself. Whether through theatre, music, or writing, Dezi has enjoyed discovering and exploring new creative outlets at every turn in her life.

She was homeschooled her entire life leading up to college and was heavily involved in the local musical theatre community up until she graduated high school. At 17 years old, Dezi Donaldson began her academic career at Millersville University, where she ultimately graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Speech Communications & Theatre and a concentration in Communication Studies.

During the first semester of her freshman year, Dezi launched The Little Northern Belle, which began as a preppy fashion blog on Tumblr. Despite the expected challenges of going to college, getting involved on campus in a leadership capacity, and juggling several jobs and internships, Dezi has always returned to her roots and found joy in cataloguing her thoughts, reblogging photos, and taking crash courses in HTML in order to customize her theme exactly to her liking.

Now, Dezi Donaldson is happily married to her college sweetheart, Jordan, and serving as a manager for a local online branding firm. When the Donaldson duo aren’t at work, they can be found tackling home projects, preparing to welcome their first child, binge-watching shows on Netflix, supporting the pursuit of the other’s personal side-hustle, and spending time with their sweet pups, Java and Winnie.