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Products That Have Helped Me Survive the Fourth Trimester: Baby Edition

February 5, 2020

As that catchy tune we all know goes, “Hello from the other side!”

The other side of pregnancy and delivery, that is.

Hey, hi, hello. I had a baby about two months ago and, since I still have several weeks of maternity leave to go and a dwindling list of engaging things to keep my mind occupied (outside of caring for baby, obviously), I thought it would be helpful to sit down and list out the products, services, and routines that have made my son’s first three months of life — otherwise known as the “fourth trimester” — more bearable.

Let’s dive in!

4moms mamaRoo 4

Although this product gets mixed reviews online, our son took to it almost immediately. Unlike the traditional baby swing, the mamaRoo and all of its iterations mimic the feeling of baby’s parents’ arms around them, as well as their swaying motions. Our model also came with a white noise feature, which included sounds like rainfall, ocean waves, and even a heartbeat. Although it’s not ideal for sleeping (hint: no swing is, per the AAP’s guidelines for safe sleep), it’s a great way to soothe baby and keep him occupied while I try to do something for myself.

Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

Some days, my babe is incredibly clingy — and I mean c l i n g y. Our Boppy carrier has managed to preserve my sanity and enable me to get some things done around the house, all while keeping my son as close as he wants to be. Plus, since he’s a big boy (he weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz. at birth!), the Boppy carrier redistributes his weight in a way that doesn’t leave my back screaming for a break. A win-win-win!

Grocery delivery

The upside of having a newborn during the wintertime is that you have an excellent excuse to stay inside as much as you’d like. However, the downside of having a newborn during the wintertime is that you can’t go out as often as you’d like, what with the looming threat of contracting the flu, RSV, and now coronavirus — all of which are incredibly dangerous to babies’ little bodies and systems. Since we’d much rather be safe than sorry, my husband and I have leaned heavily on grocery delivery — a service both of the grocery stores we live near offer. 

This, in conjunction with the awesome meals our friends and family members have dropped off since December, have helped us continue to eat healthy and feel our best, despite the sleep deprivation!

Taking Cara Babies

If you’re anything like me, you value a solid and predictable routine. Going into motherhood, I knew I would need to establish a day-to-day routine that would help me stay grounded and lay a good foundation for my baby, preventing issues like day and night confusion, and ensuring we could all get some much-needed sleep (even during the newborn phase!). 

Thankfully, my sister-in-law was a huge help in this department, giving me a full download on scheduling our days and nights. My husband and I also purchased the “Will I Ever Sleep Again?” and “Navigating Months 3 + 4” class bundle from Taking Cara Babies, which provided excellent resources for soothing baby when he cries and getting him adapted to a daily routine.

If you’re expecting a baby or know someone who is, I highly recommend this course! It answered all of our sleep-related questions — including those we didn’t even know we had.

The fourth trimester is no cake-walk (and let’s be real, no part of parenthood is). However, with the right support, knowledge, and products, you can more easily navigate and enjoy this part of the journey! 

Did I miss one of your favorite products in this round-up? Feel free to leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments below!

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