How I Dress My Bump | Summer 2019

June 27, 2019

If there’s one thing that pregnancy has taught me, it’s that you grow quickly. I was only four weeks and one day along when I got my big fat positive (or BFP, as some like to call it), but it didn’t take me long to feel restricted and uncomfortable in my existing wardrobe. In fact, I went out and bought a pair of jeans a size larger just one week after finding out the news (don’t worry, they were thrifted)!

Now that I’m 16 weeks into my pregnancy, I’ve finally gotten my wardrobe to a place where I feel comfortable with everything in it, and struck a healthy balance between maternity and non-maternity pieces.

To learn more about how I dress my bump, keep reading below!

Lightweight t-shirts

Although I’m just a few weeks into my second trimester, I’ve already felt my body temperature rise above my “normal” levels. So, I’ve been living mostly in lightweight, non-maternity (but sized-up) t-shirts. Some of my favorite brands include LOFT (are we really surprised?), Lou & Grey, Max Studio, and Jones New York. But, I’m open to pretty much any label so long as they’re comfortable!

Maternity pants

Whether I’m wearing jeans or shorts, you better believe they’re from Motherhood Maternity. Although the store offers a number of maternity brands, I’ve stuck with Indigo Blue. Their over-the-belly styles keep me feeling comfortable and covered throughout the day, and have grown with my bump nicely over the last few months!

Dresses on dresses

One of the perks of being pregnant (but not massively so) during the summer is that I can all but live in breathable, flowy dresses! Most of my pre-pregnancy dresses from LOFT still fit perfectly, but I’ve still added a few maxi, t-shirt, and even one maternity dress into the mix, just for variety’s sake. More often than not, I’ll pick my new dresses up from TJMaxx or Marshalls!

Long blouses

Although the belly bands on my jeans keep me literally covered, I’ve gravitated more and more toward longer blouses. Since temperatures are only going to continue to climb, I’ve stuck mostly with regular-sized sleeveless shells and camis that feature dainty patterns. However, I have a feeling that, once fall hits, I’ll need to invest in some actual maternity blouses. You know, to keep my bases (and ever-growing bump) covered.

That’ll do it for this edition of how I dress my bump. Feel free to leave your suggestions for maternity (or non-maternity) brands in the comments below!

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