On Growth & Gratitude

October 27, 2018

As you may or may not have already noticed, this blog has been fiercely neglected over the past several months. Of course, I chalk it up to my second, more recent promotion, which has provided me the opportunity to build up the team that surrounds me, sharpen my leadership skills, and finally and fully come into my own. However, there have been a few other defining events that have made me feel as though 2018 has really just been one big, unstoppable whirlwind.

But oh, what a ride it has been.

Although I have already alluded to this point, this year has brought with it one of the most challenging and growth-filled seasons of my life. And while I’ve always erred on the side of nostalgia and safety, I have to say that I am learning to appreciate the changes I have undergone more and more every day.

So, in the spirit of loving and growing through all that you go through, I’m challenging myself to dedicate at least one blog post per month to the things I’m currently grateful for. Without further ado, here’s my list for October 2018.

1. My Husband

Jordan is the epitome of a supportive husband. I don’t know where I would be without his cheerful attitude, positive disposition, and quick problem-solving skills. (Though, if I’m being honest, I’d probably be curled up in a stress-induced ball of tears 85% of the time. You know, because I don’t take life too seriously or anything. #Yikes.) Love ya, peach.

2. New Opportunities

I think it almost goes without saying that I love my job, but I’m going to say it anyway: I love my job. The environment in which I work is filled with collaboration, support, and other young professionals who can look you square in the eye and say, “Yeah, I went through this, too. Let’s tackle it together.” Furthermore, my team has empowered me to become more forward-thinking, mindful, strategic, and an all-around better leader. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

3. Positive People

Although many of the changes 2018 brought were on a professional level, Jordan and I experienced a huge shift in our social circles just a few months ago and, while we didn’t quite know how to process it at first, we’re so thankful it happened. We’ve been surrounded by some of the most faithful and supportive people as of late, and we can feel the effects of their presence every single day.

4. New Digs

Yes, you read that right! Jordan and I are incredibly excited to be movin’ on up into a new apartment in just two weeks. While we will always love our first little place in Lancaster City, we’re looking forward to moving into (and decorating!) our new home, especially once the holiday season rolls around.

5. Cold. Weather.

Unsurprisingly enough, fall is my favorite season. So, I’ve been enjoying wearing my favorite cozy pieces, watching football, and drinking all the hot coffee drinks on Starbucks’ menu (though caramel macchiatos will forever be my favorite).

What are some of the things you’re grateful this month? Feel free to pop them in the comments below, or even write them down someplace where you can see them every single day. Those small reminders can go a long way.

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