Skincare Series: Winter Edition

December 30, 2017

As frigid temperatures settle in to stay, you may be thinking of the ways you can winterize the important things in your life — namely, your car, your house and, sometimes, even your office space. However, as we focus on protecting these and other items, we often forget to winterize something even more important: our self-care routines.

It is no secret that the plummeting temperatures, biting winds, and snow can take a serious toll on your skin, leaving it feeling dry, cracked, and just plain painful. So, be sure you are taking the time to give your body the attention it’s telling you it needs, and consider giving some of these (Dezi-approved) products a try.

Face products

Boscia: Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser

Image courtesy of Sephora

I would recommend this cleanser to any and everybody, regardless of their skin type or concerns. It’s gentle, deep-cleaning, and it gives a warming sensation as it foams on your skin.

I use this product to remove my makeup every single day, and it always leaves me feeling refreshed and squeaky-clean. Plus, this cleanser removes all of my eye makeup as well, so I rarely find the need to go in with micellar water or other additional products.

Boscia: Revitalizing Black Charcoal Hydration Gel

Image courtesy of Sephora

After cleansing my face, I make sure to replace healthy moisture by using Boscia’s Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel. This product is cooling to the touch and leaves my skin feeling smooth and plump, yet it doesn’t leave an oily residue like other gels tend to. So, again, I believe this product can be used by just about every skin type and texture.

Lush: Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser & Exfoliator

Image courtesy of Lush

For those of you with sensitive skin, or who prefer a softer scrub, Angels on Bare Skin is your best bet. This cleanser has a putty-like consistency and is packed with ground almonds, which acts as a gentle exfoliant. It’s perfect for those days when you notice small dry patches, or just feel like adding another element to your skincare routine.

Lush: Cup O’ Coffee Mask

Image courtesy of Lush

Whether you prefer a stronger scrub, have naturally dry or flaky skin, or just really love all things coffee, the Cup O’ Coffee mask will meet all of your exfoliating needs. Consisting of ground coffee beans, this mask will pack a punch, invigorating your skin and sense of smell — you know, because it’s packed with coffee beans. That fact alone makes this product one of my top recommendations.

Too Faced: Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

Image courtesy of Sephora

During the winter months, I like to retire my mattifying primers in exchange for this bad boy. Infused with refreshing coconut water, the Hangover Replenishing Primer does exactly that — replenishes and cools chapped skin, all while providing a beautiful base for foundation and other face products.

If you have oily combination skin like I do, I would recommend applying this product to the areas where you don’t get shiny — for me, it’s my cheeks and upper lip — and use a lightweight, pore-filling primer in other areas, like your t-zone or around your nose. This tactic will prevent your oily skin from shining through your foundation, all while keeping your dry patches at bay.

Body products

When it comes to body products, I am admittedly less picky than I am about my face products. However, I typically opt for heavier creams and body butters than your typical lightweight moisturizer, as I find they leave my skin feeling quenched and refreshed for much longer. Some of my favorite body products can be found below!

Bath & Body Works: Almond & Vanilla Triple Oil Body Balm

Image courtesy of Bath & Body Works

When I’m in need of some serious hydration, I bring out this big gun. Infused with natural avocado, olive, and coconut oils, this body balm leaves even my scaliest spots feeling soft and nourished within a few uses. Plus, its scent is all-natural, so it’s perfect for those with more sensitive skin!

Bath & Body Works: Coconut Mint Drop Super Soft Body Butter

Image courtesy of Bath & Body Works

A huge thank-you to my brother- and sister-in-law for gifting this product to me this Christmas. I haven’t stopped using it since I got it, and now you can grab your own (for under $5) at the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale!

That does it for my list of winter skincare products! I hope you found my recommendations helpful. Let me know if you try any of these items by leaving a comment below, or by starting a conversation with me on Twitter!

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