Stores With the Best Student Discounts

December 3, 2017

As a recent college graduate, I can easily recall how painful it was to live off of a tight, part-time retail job-fueled budget. Between paying bills, stashing away a negligible amount of money into savings, and paying off our wedding, I was wrung dry. Somehow, that did not seem to stop me from treating myself to an expensive latte, new eyeshadow palette, or even a few new pieces of clothing — even in the midst of the holiday season, when I was supposed to be purchasing gifts for others.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation, do not fret, as you obviously are not alone. However, there are ways you can indulge in your slight shopping addiction and check everyone off your shopping list without plummeting into total financial turmoil. This can be achieved through utilizing student discounts — also known as one of the greatest saving graces on earth.

With that in mind, let us take a look at some stores with arguably the best student discounts.


Whether your style errs on the side of preppy or you prefer to incorporate chic, yet practical pieces into a rather minimalistic wardrobe, J.Crew is likely your one-stop shop. However, it is no secret that you can put a major dent in your credit card limit from just one stop, as the company’s products are of a higher quality than anything you may stumble upon in Forever 21 or even H&M.

Thankfully, J.Crew offers a generous discount of 15 percent off any full-priced items at all retail locations, including Madewell and their mercantile stores. Additionally, J.Crew Factory offers 15 percent off all items, including clearance.


This brand is known as the more laid-back, yet still sophisticated little sister of Ann Taylor — a beloved part of every professional woman’s closet since 1954. In spite of their higher price tags, LOFT is known for running excellent sales throughout the year, especially on their clearance items. However, if your interest has been piqued by a full-price item (or two or three or four…), you will receive a 15 percent discount upon presenting your student ID. This also applies at Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Factory, LOFT Outlet, and Lou & Grey locations.

Kate Spade New York

No matter if you are on the hunt for a new handbag, wallet, dainty accessory, or agenda, Kate Spade is guaranteed to provide sleek, yet adorable designs that suit nearly anyone’s style. The next time you stop in one of their retail or outlet locations, be sure to flash your student ID to receive 15 percent off your full-price purchase.

Evidently, you are able to get much more bang for your buck with your student ID. Did I forget to list a store that you adore? Be sure to leave it in the comments below along with their discount rate!

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